Time Capsule

Shocking though it may seem, I have no ear for conventional poetry. Most of it seems to me like the ramblings of a peyote junkie. But limricks, rhymes, and parodies tickle my fancy and inspire me to pen. I particulary like poking fun at political hypocracy and general flaws in human nature.
The Poet
Road Dancers Memory is triggered by smells and tastes and sights and sounds. In this case a song on the radio catches me in a meditative state driving down a highway late at night and brings back the ghost of a forgotten teenage love.

Don't Cry for Me Venezuela

Venezuela Prolog

Full Moon

Original Ride Share

Little Richard

Girl Crazy

Girl in a Window

Jaurez Inocentes

The Paymaster


Your Mother Wants You

Star Grazing

Tears of the Copper Queen

Scars of Freedom

The Whistler


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