Political & Social Commentary

I am a lifelong Democrat and mostly liberal in my views. I don’t usually write about politics, but it’s hard to not since most everything is political these days. I would be more of a centrist were it not for irrational and malevolent actors everywhere brandishing self-righteous ignorance and selfish ideologies. Some of these have been published as letters to the editor

I am often amazed by people who see everything in life as black and white and fail to understand that we live in a civilization created by workable shared fictions made up almost entirely by shades of gray. See my essay on Dark Triad Traits.
Hee Haw
Arizona Border Blues Ain’t no Wall High Enough! (Letter to the Editor)

Boycott the NFL, Make Them Stand. Those who kneel stand for something more important than a flag. (Letter to the Editor)

Church & State Why does the U.S. Constitution so clearly separate government from religion?

Dark Traits Narcissism, Machiavellianism, and Psychopathy, Oh my!

Dead Babies If every life is precious, why are there so many dead babies in the world?

Honduran Invasion We ignore Latin America at our peril. (Letter to the Editor)

Latin Hegemony Council An insidious Mexican plot to recover lost territories from the USA. (Letter to the Editor)

MAGA Medicos Immigrants everywhere taking “Merican’s” jobs. (Letter to the Editor)

Nicotine Addiction Cure What would it take to break the habit?

No Mexican Fords America First & tariffs are ignorant of the realities of global citizenship. (Letter to the Editor)

Shades of Gray The search for truth in a black and white world.

Should I buy a Gun? Open carry crazy Arizona gun laws. (Letter to the Editor)

The Rent is Too Damn High!Where does government regulation come from? Why is the government so big?

The Transitive Fallacy A real estate hustler and business tycoon should make a good President. What do we have to lose?

Value VotersThe political left are also value voters. You might want to check out their list. (Letter to the Editor)