President Palin

Caribou Barbie

When I’m in the Whitehouse, said President P
I’ll make a few changes, just you wait and see
The basketball court can stay just for fun
And I’ll challenge Obama to play one-on-one

A pool in the garden for salmon to spawn
A caribou herd to graze out on the lawn
We’ll fence off the grass on the Capital Mall
And give hunting permits to one and to all

We’ll line up the courts with guys on the right
And give all those liberals a terrible fright
God Fearing Christians can carry their guns
To thin out the immigrant herds on the run

We’ll set up a tent to gather up gays
And show them the error of their Godless ways
We’ll outlaw pierced noses and bright colored hair
And teach all those hippies the power of prayer

No black-tie dinners, they’re really a yawn
Instead we’ll have Tea Parties out on the lawn
We’ll fill them with slogans and simple clichés
To keep them distracted from difficult days

We’ll round up the socialists, Marxists and queers
And send them to Europe to live out their years
So loyal Americans can keep what they make
And as for the poor, well let them eat cake

Gene Ziegler