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"Will you walk into my parlor?", said the spider to the fly, "Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy;
The way into my parlor is up a winding stair, and I have many curious things to show you when you are there".

     ~Mary Howitt 1829, founder of original world wide web
I write here because I love to write, and have not the patience or discipline to write a book, a screenplay, or even a short story. I love the magic of words and the games they play. My hero is Theodor Geisel a.k.a. Dr. Suess. I present here a collection of original poems, lymricks, essays and musings written for my own entertainment and to make others smile. My greatest reward is when someone else likes them as much as I do, and tells me so.

If a Packet Hits a Pocket

The original poem entitled " A Grandchild's Guide to Using Grandpa's Computer " is a very popular, often published, and frequently stolen poem written in classical Dr. Seuss, Cat-In-Hat style. The poem has a colorful history of both pain and pleasure for the author. Persistently viral since 1994. Read, enjoy, repost, but don't steal.

" Hang the Information Highwayman! " is a poetic appeal for respect for another's written words, provoked by abuses of "Grandchild's Guide". This one has been adopted by various writing programs and teachers groups around the world to teach internet publishing ethics.

Read the Packet Pocket Story: the remarkable history of these two poems. A Google search on "packet hits a pocket" will return more than 2 million hits even after 25 years.

Visitor's Guide

Feel free to brouse and explore here. There is more to come as I find time to edit, write and post. Send me email if you like, or just to share something of your own.