Gene Ziegler, PhD.




IT Professional




My interest in distance learning started with the acquisition of a full sized video conferencing system at Cornell in the early 90's. I was part of a small group of people there who were intrigued with the technology and looking for creative ways to put it to good use. I helped to found Cornell's Office of Distance Learning and spent the next ten years developing video conference facilities and supporting video conferencing events, courses, and production programs.

In the late 90's with the rise of for-profit distance learning companies, I became an avid industry watcher and published an email newsletter to about 300 distance learning professionals under the name of Learning Technology Partners. I served on the board of the PictureTel User's Group, and did a lot of public speaking and conference presentations on distance learning strategy and technology. I left Cornell in January of 2000, and spent the next seven years as a consultant to colleges, universities, and vendors on distance learning program strategy.

I have been intensively involved in program development at Thunderbird, Corpedia Education, American Sentinel University, and Arizona State University. I served as manager of the Instructional Design Team for the Onlne MBA at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University

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