Gene Ziegler, PhD.




IT Professional



These are my personal breadcrumbs, just in case you wonder how I got here.

   Places Iíve lived:
Allentown PA (born and raised) > El Paso TX (US Army) > State College, PA (Penn State) > Hamilton, NY (Colgate) > Ithaca NY (Cornell) > Nashville, TN (consulting) > Phoenix, AZ (Thunderbird, ASU) > Denver, CO (American Sentinel) > Chandler AZ (Retired).

   College campuses Iíve worked on:
Colgate > Cornell > Thunderbird > Arizona State > American Sentinel

   Industrial Jobs:
Lehigh Valley Electronics, Mack Trucks, Erie Technological Products

Most large American cities, 47 of 50 US states
, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy.

   College campuses visited:
UC San Diego, UCLA, UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Univ of Oregon, Univ of Montana, Univ of Texas, Univ of Texas at El Paso, Vanderbilt Univ, Univ of Tampa, Southern Methodist Univ, Univ of Maine, Boston Univ, Boston College, Babson college, Syracuse Univ, SUNY Albany, New York Univ, Columbia Univ, Univ of Pennsylvania, Drexel Univ, MIT, Harvard  Univ, Emory Univ, Univ of Chicago, Northwestern Univ, Univ of Michigan, Purdue Univ, Univ of Maryland, Univ of Virginia, North Carolina Univ, Univ of South Carolina, Louisiana State

Three college degrees, two wives, three children, eight grandchildren, a house, two cars, a dog and a cat.

Cofounder and General Manger of a collegiate summer league baseball team, "The Ithaca Lakers" from 1990- 1996.

Cofounded with Lynn "Hand" Ziegler,, an aerial photography company and PortraitEFX Professionals, a youth sports photo company.

I wrote a poem on the internet that went viral worldwide, at its peak yealding 2 million hits on a Google search. You can see a copy along with a number of my other poems and essays by clicking the button below.